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Emergency Tree Service

Your secure and lovely tree can be suddenly a safety hazard with unexpected circumstances, like strong storms and immense lightning strikes. Situations like this may call for emergency action to avoid harm to people and damage to nearby properties.

 For all your tree emergency needs, call us at 949-691-3774.

It’s vital as a homeowner to secure your family, home, and neighbor from the risk that your trees can cause. Below are a few indications that you may need an emergency tree removal service.

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What to do in an emergency involving a fallen tree:

  • Stay calm

For any emergencies, it is best to remain calm to handle the situation correctly. Avoid panic and add pressure to the condition. 

  • Keep a safe distance

Even if your tree looks solid and robust, it can still be prone to collapse. It is best to clear the area and block it to passersby if needed.

  • Call your utility supplier

If power lines were affected by the damage, immediately call your provider 

Signs You Need Emergency Tree Service

  • A Damaged Tree

Strong winds, tornados, and large storms are just a few of the natural disasters that can knock down a tree. Fallen trees or branches can cause harm, especially if they are on the walkway, near power lines, or your home. Some man-made incidents like a car crash or the wrong way of tree cutting can also cause tree damage. It is wise to give immediate attention to a damaged tree to avoid further damage to its surroundings, injuries, or potential liability issues. 

We can assess the condition if trimming or removing the tree is needed. Plus, we have the right tools, equipment, and knowledge to ensure your safety and secure surrounding areas. It is best to call us tree service as soon as possible to avoid inconvenience and harm to everyone in the location.

  • Leaning Tree

A leaning tree is not typical. It may be infected on the root or in distress. If the tree issue is not addressed immediately, the chances of more severe concern may arise. A storm can easily take down a weak tree, and you sure don’t want a fallen tree on your lawn – or worst in your home or other property.

  • Diseased Tree

If you notice rotten or discolored parts on your trees, it is best to know if your tree is infected. Your prompt action may still save your tree and avoid the possible spread of disease to other trees. Here are some symptoms of a diseased tree:

  • Discolored leaf or branch
  • Dead branches
  • Deep cracks in the bark
  • Decayed branch or leaf
  • Leaning tree

These signals should never be neglected. It is also best that you seek help from a professional for these kinds of situations and keep away from doing it independently. A wrong way of managing these situations is riskier for you, your tree, and the nearby area. 

If you encounter any of the mentioned situations, Newport Beach Tree Serviceis ready to assist you. Our certified arborist and well-trained staff will handle the emergency tree removal timely and with the safest technique. 

 Call us at 949-691-3774

We understand that emergencies can happen at any time. Rest assured that our team is prepared to work any time of the day. We want to make sure that Newport Beach is safe for everyone, so we keep our lines open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our fast action team will use the proper technique to carefully clear trees and debris and eliminate further damage.

For all your tree emergency needs, call us at 949-691-3774.

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