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Newport Beach Tree Trimming Service 

When it comes to looking after the trees on your property, you can guarantee that prevention is better than cure. It’s also a lot less expensive.

Our customers know they are in good hands when they hire us to maintain their trees and make sure to nip any future issues in the bud.

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A healthy tree requires trimming at least every one or two years. If the tree is still young, the tree may need our pruning service more than trimming.

If there are dead or diseased branches, immediate trimming may be necessary to help prevent more significant problems in the future. A tree expert can assess the best time to do service. They also follow the correct methods to ensure that your tree is shaped correctly and promotes healthy growth.

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The most common ways of tree maintenance are trimming and pruning. If you are a property owner who cares for your landscape, it is helpful to know the distinction between the two. 

The difference between Tree Trimming and Pruning

Tree Trimming

Trimming has its health benefits on trees, but the primary focus is on aesthetics. We do this to maintain trees’ shape and appearance. 

Tree Pruning

Pruning enhances the beauty of trees, but the primary focus is on their health. The proper way of pruning will help in flower and fruit yield. Unfortunately, incorrect and excessive pruning may ruin the health of a tree. It’s best to let a professional tree service company, like ours, handle the pruning to avoid major headaches and future expenses.

Indeed, both services are beneficial to the health and beauty of your tree. Now, let’s dig down the advantages these tree cutting services give to you and your tree. 

Benefits of Trimming and Pruning

  • Promote Tree’s Well-being 

Proper pruning can make the roots of trees stronger and grow new branches. Managing the health of your trees will enable them to withstand harsh weather. Well-trimmed and pruned trees also increased sun exposure and air circulation, which also benefit your tree’s health. 

  • Stimulate Fruit Production

The removal of dead or extra branches helps the trees to disseminate nutrients to living areas, helping with more flower and fruit production.

  • Improve Safety

Trimming and pruning trees as early as possible improves safety. Taking actions soonest with dead branches, for example, can reduce the risk of a sudden drop. Hiring professional tree cutting services will help you determine the overall health of your trees. They know which branches are at risk and follow the correct way of cutting them. Only professionals should trim branches located near power lines because they are hazardous. 

  • Cost-Effective

Eliminating the harm posed by an untrimmed tree will reduce your expenditures that may be created from possible damages.

  • Insects and Pests Management

Your trees most probably attract pests or insects. Serious problems can arise if these are not kept under control. Hiring professionals at the right time will help you eliminate the harm these tiny organisms can bring to your tree. Unfortunately, the risk is limited to one tree, but infestations can spread to other trees or even to your home.

  • Adds beauty to your landscape

A professionally pruned or trimmed tree will improve the appearance of your home or business. Getting a tree pruning service can train your tree to grow in a way that you like.

Trees’ value to the environment is not only limited to providing oxygen. They also provide food, medicine, and shelter to animals and humans. To maximize the value they provide, regular trimming or pruning is needed for trees’ maintenance.

Tree Cutting Service Near Me

There are many tree trimming companies in Orange County, but we are proud of our unrivaled customer satisfaction. Our certified arborist will assess your tree and the area before cutting. Our team understands that every tree situation is different. Thus we conduct the best-suited technique specific for your tree needs.

A+ Tree Service Newport Beach is based in Newport Beach but caters to all Orange County. Whether the service needed is commercial or residential, we have the best practice to ensure the job is done smoothly. Our team is equipped with modern technology and follows the best technique for your tree service needs. Inquire now and get your free quote by calling us at 949-691-3774.

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