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Newport Beach Stump Removal and Grinding

Are you fed up with seeing that pesky tree stump on your property? Don’t they look ugly and unsightly?

Maybe you have a new project or you absolutely know how much more you could utilize that space – if only that stump weren’t sitting there in the way.

Or perhaps you’re worried about the safety risks that stump is posing? If someone trips and injuries themselves, they could sue you. If the stump becomes infected, it could spread to other trees and plant life on your property which becomes very expensive to remedy if it gets out of hand.

So what should you do?

Give us a call today at 949-691-3774 and learn how easy it is to hire us for stump removal.

There are two ways you can have the stump root removed or have the stump grind. The way to decide which option is best for you depends on your needs. We can help you figure out the best plan based on your intended outcome and how you want to use the space.

The difference between Stump Grinding and Removal

Stump Removal

This process requires heavy machinery. It’s an intensive job that requires digging the stump and the root, then pulling it out. You may favor this option if you plan to use the area to plant new trees or have significant changes for the place. Take note that you might be left with a big hole in your lawn, so you might need to arrange a plan on this in advance.

Stump Grinding

It is removing the stump using a tree grinding machine. The difference with stump removal is it will leave the tree’s root on the surface. These roots, though, without the stump, will die after the grinding. This strategy is plenty suitable if you only need to remove it for safety reasons or aesthetics and avoid massive change in your lawn.

Suppose you are still not sure which service to choose. In that case, our professional arborists can help you assess the situation and walk you through making the best decision. What is essential is you proceed with the process of clearing out that stump.

Reasons to Remove a Tree Stump

  • They can be an eyesore
  • They can also attract pests and get an infectious disease
  • They can bring potential risk to nearby trees
  • They can be trip hazards & lead to lawsuits
  • They can damage your lawnmower
  • They can take up unnecessary space on your lawn

Cutting down trees is straightforward compared to stump removal or grinding. There are many factors involved when dealing with stumps. The machines also used for these procedures are expensive, that’s why some company doesn’t offer the service. That is also the reason it is usually not included in the cost of tree removal.

For expert help, you can reach out to one of our certified arborists here at A+ Newport Beach Tree Service to help you get rid of that stump. Get away with the hassle of doing it on your own. Save your time and money from buying or renting tools needed with the removal or grinding. 

We are your local tree service provider in Newport Beach. Our dedication to helping the whole city maintain its beauty through our services is very proud. Rest assured that we will assist you with the best solution for your tree needs. Call us now at 949-691-3774 for your free quote!

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